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Surf Levels

Our lessons break down to three different levels of surfer:

  • The level 1 surfer that is looking to catch their first waves or master the whitewater.

  • The level 2 surfer that is looking to explore unbroken waves, learn to turn and to feel comfortable paddling out.

  • The level 3 surfer that is able to catch head-high waves, can turn left and right in a variety of more challenging conditions and is looking to expand on their manoeuvres

Read more to find out what level of surfer you are…

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Level 1 - Becoming a Beginner Surfer

Learning to master the whitewater.

A complete beginner or someone that has surfed a few times but is still catching broken, whitewater waves.

What will you learn?

  • The absolute basics in a fun, safe and encouraging environment

  • Safety on the beach and in the white water, how to handle your board and how to negotiate your way through breaking waves

  • Understanding of the beach and ocean environment

  • We’ll introduce you to your equipment and explain the basics of a surfboard and what that means to you as a surfer

  • How to catch forgiving waves and how to understand the basics of controlling a surfboard whilst laying on your belly in the prone position

  • The techniques to get to your feet and how to maintain stability and build on consistency

  • Basic manoeuvres in the white water such as speed and control as well as turning right and left on a wave

  • Your enjoyment and improvement will come from your willingness to learn and to fail, to focus on play rather than success, and by letting go and not being afraid to fall

Level 2 - Becoming an Improver Surfer

Introducing unbroken waves.

You’ll be an improver or an early intermediate, someone that has had some lessons, is catching white water waves on a regular basis and can perform basic turns left and right. You will also show that you can surf in a safe manner.

You may have even caught a couple of unbroken waves and are experienced trimming down the wave.

What will you learn?

  • Advanced safety, specific to the spots we surf as well as the waves that you may surf at home

  • We will get specific about your stance, your body position and how it will affect your rides

  • We will work with you to improve your pop-up technique

  • You will improve the efficiency and techniques paddle strokes enabling you to build on your endurance as well as explosiveness

  • You will learn how to negotiate the inside breaking waves and how to paddle out to unbroken waves

  • You will learn the difference between white water waves and unbroken waves and learn where to position yourself and how to catch a wave before it breaks

  • You will understand the difference between forehand and backhand or frontside and backside as well as understanding the basics of trimming along a wave


Level 3 - Becoming an Intermediate Surfer

Unbroken waves: how to get more and what to do on them.

You will be a high-end intermediate surfer, proficient in the water, able to paddle through waves unassisted and able to negotiate your way around a line up. You will be able to catch head-high waves and can trim left and right on a variety of different waves.

What will you learn?

  • We will search for the best waves of the day and work with you to understand new, more challenging surf spots

  • We’ll help you work out where your stoke is… long boards, short boards, mid lengths?

  • We will help you to maximise your wave count and learn how to find the fastest trimming line as well as what type of manoeuvres to perform and when

  • We will work with you through video analysis sessions to help improve techniques, body positions, position on the wave, bottom turns, top turns, carving turns, cutbacks and floaters

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