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  • What happens on a group surf lesson?
    We all head to the same beach together, however that doesn't mean you’ll all be having the same lesson. We separate into levels 1-4 you can read more about our levels on add link. You’ll head to the water after a bit of theory and warmup.
  • Do you offer surf lessons all year round?
    Yes, we are taking bookings all year round!
  • Do you have lockers or a changing room available?
    No, we get changed on the beach, which is why we suggest bringing a towel. We don’t recommend bringing valuables, but if you do we recommend bringing it down to the beach with you.
  • What are the waves like in the Algarve?
    Despite its position in the Atlantic, the Algarve has more of a Mediterranean feel, keeping it warm during the day and slightly cooler as the sun goes down, with a very low chance of rain. On average the Algarve receives 6mm of rain per month. Just so you don’t tempt fate, bring a waterproof and a warm jumper or two for the cooler evenings. For surfing, you’ll be needing a wetsuit. A 4/3 or a 3/2 are both good for those Atlantic rollers, depending on the time of year and how comfortable you are in cooler waters. The wetsuit hire is included in the price of the lesson, we only need your height for the size.
  • How old do my kids need to be before they can participate in the program?
    Here is our kids policy: Under 7 — we cannot accept on surf guides or lessons. From 7 to 12 — lessons are available if you can demonstrate your child’s swimming ability. Please note however that we require one parent or guardian to be in the water supervising each child at all times, since our instructors will have other guests to attend to. The guardian can not join the same lesson while they are supervising the child. From 12 – 16 — lessons are available with a parent or guardian supervising at the same beach. The guardian may join the same lesson if they wish.
  • How do I book?
    Either call us, drop us an email, or use our contact form. If you would like to book last minute we recommend texting us on WhatsApp.
  • What is included in the surf lesson price?
    A lift to the beach, your hire of board and wetsuit, 2 ½ hours of coaching and water time.
  • Where do we meet?
    We have 3 pick up points where we meet you at 2.15pm: Lagos Aparcamiento Explanada Praia da Luz Parque de Estacionamento Our base location of Quinta Agave in Almádena: Quinta Agave - Holiday Apartments Algarve Portugal
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Towel, water, sunscreen or zinc, and maybe a hat.
  • Which beaches do you usually go to?
    We love south coast waves, so if there's murmur, we are at Porto de Mós beach, but equally if the west coast brings us some bangers, we head to Bordeira.
  • How can I book?
    Either call us, drop us an email, or use our contact form. If you would like to book last minute we would recommending texting us on WhatsApp.
  • Can I use the board after my surf lesson?
    This is only possible if you are coming to the lesson by your own car and dropping back the board to our Almadéna location. We have an additional hire fee of €25.
  • What boards do you have for hiring?
    We have a range of soft top boards, from 9ft down to 6’8 available for hire.
  • Can I hire equipment from you without taking a lesson?
    Yes, you can rent a board + wetsuit for 25 EUR per day by signing a rental agreement. We will ask for an ID for deposit to ensure the safety of our equipment. If you are planning to stay longer, get in touch for longer term delays that we can offer.
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